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celik, emel, mail dan, mail juga, mail kepada, mail untuk, mail yang, mailkan, mel dengan, mel ini, mel mel, mel, melkan, mengeposkan, menyurati, pasaraya, surat,

Other Mathes:
e mail you, e mail, e mailing earlier, e mailing, send e mails, send us an e mail, sent an e mail, sent that e mail, to e mail, we e mail
have some letters, have the letters, his correspondence, i have a letter, i have some letters, is there mail, mail here, mail is here, note no, so there a letter, then there a letter
delivering mail, send mail, send the mail, sending mail, sends mail, will send mail
can e mail, get an e mail, got an e mail, have got mail, have mail
and receive mail window height, and receive mail window width, and receive mail, receive mail
came in the mail, comes by mail, comes in the mail, coming in the mail
save sent mail, send mail, sendmail, sent mail, show alarm time, sync mail
coffee and sort mail, coffee and sorting mail, coffee sort mail, coffee sorting mail
maii that, mail a, mail that
make coffee and sort mail, make coffee sort mail, making coffee and sorting mail, making coffee sorting mail
got mail, receive an e maii, receive an e mail, received an e mail, sent an e mail to
back sending mail, next sending mail, send an email, send the email, sending an email, sending email, sending mail, sending the emails, sent an e mail
a mail message, an e mail message, an email message do, an email message, mail message, of an e mail message, the email message
beep or play sound file, evolution mail notification, mail notification properties
a voice mail, a voice message, a voicemail it is from, a voicemail, going to voice mail, my voicemail, the three voice, the voice mail, voice mail, voicemail

English to English

(m/eI/l )
noun (n)

the bags of letters and packages that are transported by the postal service
tas huruf dan pakej yang diangkut oleh perkhidmatan pos
source: wordnet30
the system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office
sistem dimana mesej yang dikirimkan melalui kantor pos
The mail handles billions of items every day.
He works for the United States mail service.
In England they call mail `the post'.
source: wordnet30
a conveyance that transports the letters and packages that are conveyed by the postal system
sebuah pengangkutan itu transports surat dan pakej yang conveyed oleh sistem pos
source: wordnet30
any particular collection of letters or packages that is delivered
setiap tertentu koleksi huruf atau pakej itu disampaikan
Your mail is on the table.
source: wordnet30
(Middle Ages) flexible armor made of interlinked metal rings
(pertengahan) fleksibel baja dibuat dari logam interlinked berdering
source: wordnet30
A spot.
source: webster1913
A small piece of money; especially, an English silver half-penny of the time of Henry V.
bagian kecil dari uang; khususnya, inggeris perak half penny waktu dari henry v.
source: webster1913
A flexible fabric made of metal rings interlinked. It was used especially for defensive armor.
yang fleksibel kain terbuat dari baja interlinked berdering. itu digunakan terutama untuk perisai pertahanan.
source: webster1913
A bag; a wallet.
tas; dompet.
source: webster1913

verb (v)

send via the postal service
kirim dengan perkhidmatan pos
I'll mail you the check tomorrow.
get off
source: wordnet30
cause to be directed or transmitted to another place
menyebabkan diajukan atau dikirimkan ke tempat lain
I'll mail you the paper when it's written.
post, send
source: wordnet30
To arm with mail.
akan aktif dengan mel.
source: webster1913
To deliver into the custody of the postoffice officials, or place in a government letter box, for transmission by mail; to post; as, to mail a letter.
hantar ke tahanan di pejabat postoffice, atau tempat di sebuah kotak surat pemerintahan, siaran melalui surat; ke pos; sebagai, surat untuk saya/ aku surat.
source: webster1913

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