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ajaib, ajaibnya, secara ajaib yang, secara ajaib, secara magic, secara tiba,

Other Mathes:
has magically, is magically, magically, miraculously, to magically, was magically
ships do not just magically, ships do not just, ships don just magically, ships don just
just come like magic, showed up magically, would magically appear
it may appear, it may turn up, just magically appear out, just magically appear, likely to appear
ca not possibly appear, do not just magically appear, don just magically appear out
there that she magically
gonna magically know
gonna magically
magically here you are
magically here you
magically here
magically alive on crutches i
magically alive on crutches
magically alive on

English to English

('m/&//dZ//I/kl/i/ )
adverb (r)

in a magical manner
dalam cara yang ajaib
It disappeared magically.
source: wordnet30
In a magical manner; by magic, or as if by magic.
dalam cara yang ajaib; dengan sihir, atau seakan dengan sihir.
source: webster1913

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