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dengan rajin, jadi, mabuk, secara mengila,

Other Mathes:
am i am in love, i am in love, i am madly in love, i am so in love, i are in love
am i am in, i am madly in, i am skimming off the
brakes squeal squealing madly, squealing madly
are in love, are madly in love, are recklessly in love
are madly in, are recklessly in, fell madly, we fell in, were really in
am madly deeply truly passionately, so madly deeply and completely
madly deeply and completely in, madly deeply truly passionately in
crazy about and, madly deeply and completely, madly deeply truly passionately
as to be in danger, feii in love, going to fall in love, gonna fall in love, gonna fall madly in love, gonna get crushed, might fall in love, to be in danger, will be in love
becky i am madly, i am incredibly, i am seriously, i m fucking, i think i got too, i was extremely, i was so very, i would very
i was blindly, i was madly in love
i am madly in
i am falling in love, i am in love, i am madly in love, i fall in love, i fell for
i am falling down, i am falling falling, i was falling madly in

English to English

('m/&/dl/i/ )
adverb (r)

in an uncontrolled manner
dalam satu cara tak terkendalikan
She fought back madly.
source: wordnet30
in an insane manner
dalam cara yang menawan
The witch cackled madly.
crazily, dementedly, insanely
source: wordnet30
(used as intensives) extremely
(digunakan sebagai intensives) sangat
She was madly in love.
source: wordnet30
In a mad manner; without reason or understanding; wildly.
dalam cara yang gila; tanpa alasan atau pemahaman; ragam.
source: webster1913

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