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alat alat jentera, kendaraan, mesin,

Other Mathes:
machinery you have got, of machinery you have got, you have got a
man and machine, man and machines, men and machinery, people and machines, your men and machinery
wonderful machinery to make a, wonderful machinery to make
heavy machinery, up the heavy machinery
has the machinery in place
are a machine, are machines, is a machine, is a portable, is machine, is one piece of machinery, is the engine, is the machine, was a machine, was that machine
i mend broken machinery
i like good machinery
heavy machinery or emptying
heavy machinery or
heavy machinery and flattened
heavy machinery and
a power tool, heavy machinery, its heavy
old tool and machinery works

English to English

(m/@/'/S//i/n/@/r/i/ )
noun (n)

machines or machine systems collectively
mesin atau mesin sistem secara kolektif
source: wordnet30
a system of means and activities whereby a social institution functions
sistem yang penuh dengan aktiviti dimana sosial institusi fungsi
The complex machinery of negotiation.
The machinery of command labored and brought forth an order.
source: wordnet30
Machines, in general, or collectively.
mesin, secara umum, atau secara kolektif.
source: webster1913

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