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buncitan, terakhir, terbaharu, terbaru dengan, terbaru, terkini, yang terkini,

Other Mathes:
the last news, the latest news, the latest on
for that new, hot feed from, latest from, latest on, latest thing from
a new hit, are the cutting, are the latest, current ones, it is the latest thing
a more modern design, a new model, later model, latest fashion, new model, newer models, the latest fashion from
latest advancement the, latest discovery, most recent discovery, my latest discovery, recent findings, the latest invention of
latest and greatest, latest and the greatest, the latest and greatest, what the latest and greatest
latest stuff, latest thing, the latest thing, the newest kicks
an update, any more updates, anything new, are any updates, hot feed, is the latest, newest reports, the latest details, the latest update
from the latest victim, latest victim, of the last victim, the last victim, the latest victim, the one she
latest victim, the latest victim of, the latest victim
and updated report, early reports, latest report, recent reports, the latest report
latest technologies, screening technology, the latest technologies, the latest technology, the next thing
latest and, newer and, newest and, the latest and, what the latest and
latest we, of our newest, our latest was, our latest, our most recent, our new, our newest
an updated, her latest, his latest

English to English

('l/eI/t/I/st )
noun (n)

the most recent news or development
berita atau perkembangan terbaru
Have you heard the latest?.
source: wordnet30

adjective satellite (s)

up to the immediate present; most recent or most up-to-date
ke kamar segera hadir; terbaru atau kebanyakan up to date
The very latest scientific discoveries.
source: wordnet30
in the current fashion or style
dalam arus fesyen atau gaya
source: wordnet30

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