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bersembunyi, diam, laten, pendam, terselubung, tersembunyi,

Other Mathes:
some latent letter fragments on, some latent letter fragments
do have latent humanity, really latent humanity
you do have latent humanity, you really latent humanity
latent, warmongering latent
latent letter fragments on, latent letter fragments
a latent gay then, are a latent gay then
a latent gay, are a latent gay
you are a latent gay
to the latent ability
some latent letter fragments on
some latent letter fragments
some latent letter
have latent humanity
is no longer latent
latent gay then you will

English to English

('l/eI/t/-/nt )
adjective (a)

Not visible or apparent; hidden; concealed; secret; dormant; as, latent springs of action.
jelas kelihatan atau tidak; tersembunyi; tersembunyi; rahasia; tidak aktif; sebagai, aku bersembunyi/ aku dari aksi springs.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

potentially existing but not presently evident or realized
tapi berpotensi sedia ada kini tidak jelas atau menyadari
A latent fingerprint.
Latent talent.
source: wordnet30
(pathology) not presently active
(patologi) kini tidak aktif
Latent infection.
Latent diabetes.
source: wordnet30

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