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awet saat, berlangsung selama, berlangsung tadi, berlangsung, bertahan, mampu bertahan, sesaat bersamanya,

Other Mathes:
go on for, goes on for, going on for, it lasts thirty three, last for, lasted five, lasted for, lasted through, lasted, lasts for, normally taking thousands and
go down to, goes right up, last until, lasted till, lasted until, lasted up until the, lasted up until
it only lasted, it only lasts, last only, lasted only, lasted, lasting only, only lasted, only lasts
exist for, is lasted because of, it is lasted because of
goes on for, that had lasted, that lasted through
the consequences lasted the, the consequences lasted
you lasted, yours lasted
last long enough, lasted long enough, lasted pretty long
it lasts days, it lasts thirty three days, lasted days, lasted five days
goes like, going like, going on for like, lasted like, lasted such
is lasted because of me, lasted because of me, stayed because i
and it lasted up, and it lasted
ah she survived, he is holed, he is lasted, he is putting it, he lasted
he lasted, it lasted
it lasted up until the, it lasted up until, it lasts till, it was coming up to

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