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jerumun, sarang,

Other Mathes:
dug her house, guy lair, her den
a red bull, red bull lair har har, red bull lair
not a lair it is, not a lair it
comes from the wolf gap, from the wolf lair, is from the wolf lair
at h q i, at headquarters, at home base, at our boozer, at the headquarters of, back at the lair, in headquarters in, in headquarters, in operations, in the general staff, in the hq
called a lair, called nesting, it is called a lair
arctic hover base, headquarters we, his headquarters, his home base, his lair, the camp, the lair of the, the safe house
iooking for dracula lair, looking for dracula lair
a hotbed of, a nest of, lair of, nest of, the lair of
her lair, his nest, its lair
a crack den, evil lair, the bad guy lair
a lair it is, a lair it, the hive but
a hive, a nest, den, hive, lair, nest of, nest, nests, the hive
the wolf lair stop aii, wolf lair stop aii
the wolf lair stop, wolf lair stop

English to English

(l/(@)/R )
noun (n)

the habitation of wild animals
the penghunian binatang liar
source: wordnet30
A place in which to lie or rest; especially, the bed or couch of a wild beast.
tempat di mana berbohong atau istirahat; khususnya, tempat tidur atau sofa dari binatang liar.
source: webster1913

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