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berasmara, diletakkan, fucked telah, meletakkan, teman tidur, terhampar, terlentang, tidur bersamanya,

Other Mathes:
gets laid, going to be laid, will be laid, will be placed, will be positioned, will be put, would be laid out, would be laid, would have parked
be laid by, been laid by, laid by that, laid by, laid down by
are laid out, be laid, be placed, be put, been laid, is placed, is put, laid out, laid, was placed, was put
feel like having sex, like to make love, need to have sex, sucking up to, trying to get laid, wanna cuddle, wanna fuck, wanna get laid, wanna have sex
had just put, had put, has just put up, has laid, has placed on, has put up, have awoke
actually gonna get laid, are getting laid, are going to fuck, are gonna fuck, going deep, going to fuck, going to have sex, gonna fuck me, gonna fuck you, gonna fuck, gonna fucking pound, gonna get laid, gonna make love, will fuck it, will fuck, will get laid, will have sex, will make love to her, will make love, will want to have sex, would ever fuck, would fuck
allah called, allah chastise, allah deal chastisement, allah destroyed, allah laid hold of, allah laid hold, allah punish, allah punished, allah seized destroyed
are laid out for, is laid to, laid out for, was laid for
so allah destroyed, so allah punished, so allah seized destroyed, so allah seized, so god seized, so he laid hold of, so he laid hold, so he punished, so he seized, therefor did he grip, therefore allah destroyed
laid out some of, laid out some, laid out the few, laid some, lay some, put a couple, put a few, put down some, put some of, put some, put such, will put a few
already laid, been laid, been put out, has placed, have been laid, was laid down
are getting laid, gonna make love, in history to get laid, will get laid
can finally get laid, finally get laid, to finally get laid
i am getting laid, i am going deep, i am going to fuck, i am gonna fuck, i am gonna fucking pound, i am gonna get laid, i wanna fuck, i will even get laid, i will fuck her, i will fuck it, i will fuck, i will have sex, i will just fuck, i will make love, i will riding, i would fuck, im going to have sex
i am laying, i am putting, i laid out the, i laid out, i laid

English to English

(l/eI/d )
imperative (imp)

of Lay.
lay dari u/ u.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

set down according to a plan:
mengatur bawah sesuai rencana:
A carefully laid table with places set for four people.
Stones laid in a pattern.
source: wordnet30

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