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anak muda, hati, nak, saja nak, wanita hidup atau mati,

Other Mathes:
all right girl, all right laddie, alright son
are going with you laddie, with you laddie
do not care about him, do not mind her, do not mind him laddie, do not mind him, don t mind him laddie
laddie there a switch
are with you laddie
are going with you laddie
i would not bother laddie
ah buying love, mind him laddie, subscribe to coincidence
boy come on laddie
a young man, laddie, the young man
you are alive laddie
you have laddie
angus easy laddie, angus go faster, steve angus go faster
angus easy laddie

English to English

('l/&/d/i/ )
noun (n)

a male child (a familiar term of address to a boy)
anak jantan (yang akrab jangka alamat untuk anak)
cub, lad, sonny, sonny boy
source: wordnet30
A lad; a male sweetheart.
seorang budak; pria sayang.
source: webster1913

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