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jam di lab, laboratorium, makmal, mencetak di studio photo, mengamalkan, oh lab,

Other Mathes:
at my lab, at the lab, back at the lab, be in lab, for the object, in a lab, in his lab, in lab, in my lab, in our labs, in the lab, in the laboratory, in your lab, on the lab, stayed in the lab, the laboratory in, up labs
a little laboratory, at the laboratory, down to the lab, for the lab, go to the lab
going up to the, into the lab, over to the lab
at a lab, at the lab, in a lab, in the lab, in the laboratory, in the labs, on the lab, this morning in the lab
at the lab oh, at the lab, at the laboratory, in a lab, in a laboratory, in the home of the, in the lab man, in the lab, in the laboratory, in the labs, of hard labor
of the lab it, that lab, that laboratory, the crime lab the, the lab it, the lab
from my lab, my lab man yeah, my lab the, my lab, my laboratory, the lab is
at the lab, be in a lab, was at the lab, were in the lab
from lab, from the lab, of laboratory, of the lab, out of the lab
but there no time, in a lab, in our lab
lab reports, lab results, the lab results, your lab results back
back to the lab, off at the lab, to the film lab, to the lab, to the laboratory
a lab in, a laboratory on, facility lab in, lab in, labs in, the lab in
a lab, a laboratory, lab coat, lab, laboratory a, laboratory, labs, taken laboratory, the lab, the laboratory, the labs
get to the lab, go to a lab, go to the lab, went to a lab, work a little laboratory

English to English

(l/&/b )
noun (n)

a workplace for the conduct of scientific research
tempat kerja untuk melakukan penelitian ilmiah
source: wordnet30
A telltale; a prater; a blabber.
sebuah tanda; sebuah prater; sebuah mengoceh.
source: webster1913

verb (v)

To prate; to gossip; to babble; to blab.
untuk prate; untuk gosip; untuk ocehan; untuk berleter.
source: webster1913

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