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agak, semacam hal,

Other Mathes:
are a little strange, be a little bit odd, could sound pretty weird, is kinda strange, is rather unusual, it was a little weird, kind of weird
a little busy right now, a little busy, a little tied up, a little too busy, a touch busy, am kinda busy, am pretty busy so, am pretty busy, busy little, extremely busy, just a little busy
find it rather difficult, find rather difficult, having a little trouble, is a little tricky, is kind of hard, is kinda hard, is kinda tough, is pretty hard to, is rather hard to, is very much difficult, it is a little tough
kind of want to, kinda want to, kinda want
feel kind of hot, feel kinda hot, is getting a little warm
a bit hard to, a little difficult to, be rather difficult to, is kind of hard to, is kinda hard to, is kinda tough to, it was getting harder to, kind of hard to, kinda hard to
i am a bit, i am a little, i am kind of, i am kinda, i am rather, i am sort of, i got a little
case it is kinda, it is a bit, it is kinda, it is rather, this kinda thing
well you feel kinda, you are a bit, you are kinda, you feel kind of, you just seem a little, you re a bit, you seem a little bit, you seemed kind, you sort of get, you were a little, you were kinda, you were surprisingly
kinda of, the kinda, were kinda
is kinda kinda, is kinda
look kinda, look somewhat, looked a bit, looked a little, looked kinda, looks a bit, looks a little, looks rather, seem rather, seem somewhat, seemed a little, seems a little, seems kinda
is kinda lame, it is kind of lame, it is kinda lame
is rather odd, it is kind of weird, it was strange, kind of awkward, kind of weird, kinda strange, kinda weird, little mixed up, little weird, looked weird, pretty weird after that
a little for hoping, kind of hoping, kinda wish, was kinda hoping

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('k/aI/nd/@/ )
adverb (r)

to some (great or small) extent
untuk beberapa (besar atau kecil) luasnya
source: wordnet30

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