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culik, menculik, penculikan, tawan,

Other Mathes:
kidnap and rape of, kidnap and rape, the kidnap and rape of, the kidnap and rape
abducting people, kidnap people who, kidnap people
a kidnap victim, abductee, abductees, kidnap victim, the kidnap victim, victim of a kidnapping
people had kidnap, suicide they may have grabbed, these guys have kidnapped, they abducted, they just grabbed, they kidnap, they kidnapped, they snatch, they snatched, they steal, they took, they would kidnap
is to kidnap, to kidnap
are going to rape, are looking to snatch, going to like steal, will kidnap, will make off, would kidnap
i am gonna kidnap him, i gonna kidnap him
i am gonna kidnap, i gonna kidnap
i will kidnap, what i will kidnap
to kidnap you, you to kidnap
kidnap and rape charge that, kidnap and rape charge
and even kidnap a widow, even kidnap a widow
and even kidnap a, even kidnap a
and even kidnap, even kidnap
could go kidnap, could kidnap, would capture

English to English

('k/I/dn/&/p )
verb (v)

take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom
mengambil ke satu lokasi yang tidak didedahkan melawan kehendak mereka dan biasanya dalam rangka untuk mengekstrak tebusan
The industrialist's son was kidnapped.
abduct, nobble, snatch
source: wordnet30
To take (any one) by force or fear, and against one's will, with intent to carry to another place.
untuk mengambil (setiap satu) dengan paksa atau takut, dan akan melawan satu, dengan niat untuk membawa ke tempat lain.
source: webster1913

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