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bercanda, candai,

Other Mathes:
are kidding nope, are kidding not, be playing no, is not serious, joking no, kiddin me no, kiddin neither, kidding david no, kidding i do not, kidding me no, kidding me nope
you are fucking me, you are joking, you are kidding, you are only kidding yourself, you clown, you gotta be kiddin me, you kiddin, you kidding me, you kidding, you shitting
are you ki, are you kiddin me, are you kidding me why
you are joking of course, you cannot be serious, you got to be kiddin, you got to be kidding, you gotta be joking
i am just kiddin okay
i am fucking with you, i am joking, i am just fucking kidding, i am just fucking with, i am just joking, i am just kiddin you, i am just kidding around, i am just kidding you, i am just kidding, i am just messing, i am only kidding man
i gotta stop kiddin
i was not joking, no flex on this one, no flex on this, okay i am not kidding, pat i am not kidding, you ai not kiddin
i ai not kiddin neither
i ai not kidding, i am not even kidding, i am not fucking around, i am not joking, i am not kiddin, i am not kidding around, i am not kidding, i am not shitting you, i do not do kidding
you are kiddin
are you joking, are you kiddin, are you kidding yes
are you fucking with me, are you kiddin me, are you kidding

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