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akan dipelihara, berusaha agar, boleh dikekalkan, dia pertahankan, dikekalkan, dipelihara, jagaan, kuarantin, melengahkan, menginginkan agar buku, menjaga agar, menjaga, menyekap, menyimpan benda, menyimpan kira kira, menyimpan, pandang aje, rahasiakan, sedikit menjaga, simpan benda

Other Mathes:
are just keeping, just guard, just guarding, just keep, just keeping up, just keeping, just like keeping, just tend, just took care, keeping only, only cover, was guard, will take care you
gotta do is keep, is keep our, is keep the, is keep up, is keep, is keeping to, is keeping, is look at, is on keeping, is to guard this, is to guard
by keeping, by staying, is by keeping, just to stay, with keeping it, with keeping, with remain
keep the appointment, keep their promises, keep their word, keep your promise, keep your promises, keeping our promise, keeping our word, keeping up your end, keeping your word, kept a vow, kept your word
can keep this quiet, is keeping to himself, it a secret
i am just guarding, i am just keeping, i just like keeping
i am keeping up, i am keeping, i am looking after, i am taking care of, i guard, i have preserved, i keep, i look after, i look out for, i take care of, i was guarding, i was looking after, i watch over, i would babysit, l keep, l m keeping, l will handle, me caring for, me defends, me i watch, me keep
i am keeping it, i am keeping them, i am saving it up, i got it here somewhere, i have a stash, i have been keeping it, i have had that, i have kept it, i have saved it, i hold it, i just keep it, i keep it, i kept it in me, i kept it, i kept them, i left off, i let it stand, i lock it, i put it away, i recorded it, i save it, i saved it, i set it, i was saving it, if i kept them, l was saving it, me keep him
how are you keeping, how do you keep, how have you kept, how you are keeping the, how you are keeping
he has been keeping, he is been keeping, he is keeping, he is planted, he is saving, he keep any uh, he keep any, he keeps, he kept, he stores, he stuck, i mean he keeps, she crunches, she hid, she holds, she saved up, that he has planted, that he kept, well he keeps
just keep an eye on, just keep an eye, just keeping an eye, just keeping watch over, just monitoring
because it keeps, because keeping, for keeping
for keeping me, helps me keep my, helps me keep, i had to keep me, it keeps things, keep me, keeping me in, keeping me, keeps me, let me live
are keeping a, keep an eye, keep my eye, keep my eyes, keep your eyes, keeping a, keeping an eye
keep a secret, keep it secret, keep my secret, keep our secret, keep that a secret, keeping a secret, keeping it a secret, keeping secrets, to secrecy

English to English

('k/i/p/I//N/ )
noun (n)

conformity or harmony
atau kesesuaian harmoni
His behavior was not in keeping with the occasion.
source: wordnet30
the responsibility of a guardian or keeper
tanggung jawab seorang penjaga atau penjaga
He left his car in my keeping.
source: wordnet30
the act of retaining something
tindakan retaining sesuatu
holding, retention
source: wordnet30
A holding; restraint; custody; guard; charge; care; preservation.
tahanan; pembatas; tahanan; penjaga; jawab; peduli; pengekalan.
source: webster1913

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