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catch me, hei jesse, jessy, juga jesse, lame, y i jesse,

Other Mathes:
come okay, come on all right, come on okay, come on well, go ahead okay, jesse oop get in, jesse oop get
it goes ok, it goes okay jesse yeah, it goes okay jesse
esse i agree with dad, jesse i agree with dad
i have to agree with, i second that, i stand with, i will go along with, i will take his, jesse i agree with, well i agree with
dad what are you, jesse dad what are you, papa what are you
daddy what are, daddy what is, daddy why are, father what are, father what is, jesse dad what are, papa what are, papa what is the, papa what is, pops what are, what fathers are
how it goes ok, how it goes okay jesse
cassius a iittle, casslus, jesse owens cassius, played cassius, the cassius
are catch, jesse catch, matter catch
upstairs now jesse
jesse stop the bus, stop stop the bus, stop that bus, stop the bus
jesse go for command control, this is mission control
center calling pelham, dispatcher this is, go for command, jesse go for command, these lanes of, this is base, this is central
it is unlocked, jesse it is unlocked

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('/dZ//E/s/i/ )
noun (n)

Any representation or suggestion of the genealogy of Christ, in decorative art
sebarang representasi atau saran dari salasilah kristus, dalam seni dekoratif
source: webster1913

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