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bahaya, film jeopardy,

Other Mathes:
realise the jeopardy, realize the jeopardy, to realise the jeopardy, to realize the jeopardy
i have got jeopardy, jeopardy question, to jeopardy
are in any danger, are in danger, are in huge danger grandpa, are in jeopardy, are on edge, be in danger at, be in danger
you are in danger, you are in jeopardy, you are in serious danger
a lot of jeopardy, do the playing, lot of jeopardy
fail to realise the jeopardy, fail to realize the jeopardy
it is the tv jeopardy
are in jeopardy
they got jeopardy in the
they got jeopardy in
they got jeopardy
becoming dangerously close, will all be vulnerable, will be in serious jeopardy
will be put in jeopardy
are gonna fail, going to fail, gonna fail, gonna flunk, il flunk, will be in serious jeopardy, will blew it, will fail to, will fail, will flunk, will implode
will be in jeopardy if

English to English

('/dZ//E/p/@/rd/i/ )
noun (n)

a source of danger; a possibility of incurring loss or misfortune
sumber dari bahaya; kemungkinan incurring kehilangan atau kemalangan
source: wordnet30
Exposure to death, loss, or injury; hazard; danger.
paparan pada kematian, kerugian, atau cedera; bahaya; bahaya.
source: webster1913

verb (v)

To jeopardize.
source: webster1913

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