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ubur ubur, ubur,

Other Mathes:
a jellyfish, aequorea, jellies sweet, jellyfish what, jellyfish, the jellyfish what
jellyfish, the jellyfish
jellyfish in the face for, jellyfish in the face
course share, fringed umbrella, jellyfish, my thing for jellyfish
i would take a jellyfish
i only eat jellyfish
jellyfish is onto him
the current carries a jellyfish
find a jellyfish which
find a jellyfish
but jellyfish is onto him
need my jellyfish itself and
and jellyfish
of these jellyfish wins
of these jellyfish

English to English

('/dZ//E/l/i/,f/I//S/ )
noun (n)

large siphonophore having a bladderlike float and stinging tentacles
besar siphonophore mengalami bladderlike terapung dan menyengat tentakel
source: wordnet30
any of numerous usually marine and free-swimming coelenterates that constitute the sexually reproductive forms of hydrozoans and scyphozoans
ada sejumlah biasanya marinir dan free swimming coelenterates itu merupakan satu bentuk hydrozoans reproduksi seksual dan scyphozoans
source: wordnet30
Any one of the acalephs, esp. one of the larger species, having a jellylike appearance. See Medusa.
setiap salah satu acalephs, esp. salah satu besar spesies, mengalami jellylike penampilan. melihat medusa u/ u.
source: webster1913

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