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carlos jean, melakukannya jean, si jean,

Other Mathes:
perfumers, the perfumer journeyman jean, the perfumer journeyman
jean he could wipe out
can you come down, jean can you come down
and board shorts, and these jean shorts
and board, and pants, and the pants, and these jean, and trousers
of her jean shorts
wanted to clean jean pantry
wanted to clean jean
it is not you, it never will be, jean this is not you, that is not who you, this is not you
her jean shorts, herjeans are, turn ups on his jeans
sixth at p m jean, th at p m
hence the perfumer journeyman jean, hence the perfumer journeyman
jean the metal is an
attempt iron, jean the metal, the metal

English to English

(/dZ//i/n )
noun (n)

(usually plural) close-fitting trousers of heavy denim for manual work or casual wear
(biasanya jamak) close fitting seluar denim dari berat manual atau santai memakai untuk bekerja
blue jean, denim
source: wordnet30
a coarse durable twill-weave cotton fabric
a kesat awet twill weave kain kapas
denim, dungaree
source: wordnet30
A twilled cotton cloth.
sebuah twilled kain kapas.
source: webster1913

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