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am jane, daldly jane, go jane, i jane, ialah jane, jane aku di penjara, jane buka pintu, jane kurasa itu bagus sekali, jane tak payah, jane tn, jane tolonglah, jane woa, jane ya tuhan, jane ya, ni jane, saya bukan jane,

Other Mathes:
madam did, madam what is, mom are, mom do, mom how, mom jane what, mom jane, mom mom what, mom what, mum what, oh mom are
oh mom jane what, oh mom jane, oh mom what
ah excuse me, i i am sorry, jane ah forgive me
ah excuse, ah forgive, jane ah forgive
new girlfriend jane
girlfriend jane
i may be here, i was gonna be here, i will be here, i will be in here, i would be here, it was here jane
i pass it to jane, i pass it to
kids are getting hungry jane, kids are getting hungry yeah, kids are getting hungry
jane this, ls this what
look about what you saw, what are you lookin at, what are you looking at, what do you see jane, what were you watching, what you saw, what you see
you are not possessed jane
jane screaming, they gotta go mick
jane next left tlres screech
ca not you hear it, do you copy me, jane can you hear me

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(/dZ//eI/n )
noun (n)

A coin of Genoa; any small coin.
koin dari genoa; ada kecil koin.
source: webster1913

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