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berapit, dihalang, macet, sagat, sangkut, sudah macet, sudah masukkan, yang macet,

Other Mathes:
can we take another route, e n epenit, her match is at, is jammed, is stuck, it is jammed, it is stuck let go
get us jammed up, have caught us, us busted, us caught, us gets caught, us jammed up, us nicked, we are captured, we are caught, we get caught, we get jammed up, we get taken down, we got caught
a standstill, in traffic, is jammed, is stuck, it is jammed
here shoot them will you, it is fucking jammed, it is stuck
am jammed, am pinned, are pinned, gets jammed up, getting pinned down, grappling, have got a pair, impacted, is jammed, is pinned, is stuck, pinched, pinned, squashed, stuck, wedged in
ah the muzzle jammed let, ah the nozzle jammed let
ah the muzzle jammed, ah the nozzle jammed
drive always jammed, drive is always jammed
if we do not start, if we falter, if we get jammed up, if we get jammed, if we have not
we failed it, we failed to, we failed, we falter, we fuck up, we get jammed up, we get jammed
is jammed due to, jammed because of, snarl ups because
the muzzle jammed let go, the nozzle jammed let go
the muzzle jammed let, the nozzle jammed let
the muzzle jammed, the nozzle jammed
park drive always jammed, park drive is always jammed

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adjective satellite (s)

filled to capacity
kapasitas penuh
A suitcase jammed with dirty clothes.
source: wordnet30

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