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dipenjara, dipenjarakan,

Other Mathes:
be imprisoned for, been in prison for, in jail for the past, in juvie for the next, jailed for the last, jailed for, locked up for, was jailed for, were incarcerated for
and jailed, and put in jail, and was jailed
and jailed on the, and jailed on
got popped for, hard time for, in jail because of, of jail by, sitting in jail for, to be jailed for, was in for, was in jail for, was jailed for, went to jail because, were arrested for
been in prison for years, serve years, was jailed for three years, was jailed for years, was sent years in jail
go to prison, imprisoned, in jail, incarcerated, jail time, jailed, was incarcerated, was jailed, went to jail, were in prison
and jailed, avoided jail, be imprisoned, be put in prison, be thrown into prison, been imprisoned, do time, go to jail for the, go to jail you know, have been in jail, imprisoned, in the bull pit, incarcerate, is like bein incarcerated, jailed, like bein incarcerated, locked up for, locked up in prison, placed under arrest, rotting in prison, served time, sitting in a prison, threw us in prison, went to prison for
jailed on the, jailed on
a jailed psychopath that is, a jailed psycopath who
a jailed psychopath, a jailed psycopath
have a jailed psychopath, have a jailed psycopath
are away, been imprisoned, belongs in jail, gone to jail, has been jailed, is a prisoner, tried and jailed, with a problem
is a professional was jailed
not in jail, still going down pal, will be imprisoned, will be in jail, will be in prison, will be jailed, will go to jail for, will go to jail, would go to jail
would be tried and jailed

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adjective satellite (s)

being in captivity
berada di penangkaran
source: wordnet30

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