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Hasil Carian: jacked

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ambil, hebat, membajak, merampok, tak bisa,

Other Mathes:
be hijacked by, been hijacked, being jacked, get jacked, getting jacked
been chopper jacked feilas, chopper jacked fellas
being straight up, definitely planning something, gonna make it or what, has a little plot, have something up your sleeve, jacked up about something, plan something, planned something out, planning something, planning somethir, planning stuff
anybody take it away, anyone take it, somebody else jacked it, someone else jacked it
just been chopper jacked feilas, just been chopper jacked fellas
all jacked up on sugar, jacked up on sugar
all jacked up on, jacked up on
all jacked up, jacked up
i said these, i say goes now, jacked really
i shredded, i was great, l m good, naughty me, oh boy i am good, oh i am jacked, too outstanding
i jacked a car and
i jacked a car, i stole a car
alex this is jacked
you jacked, you raise
you plan, you planning, you plot, you plotted, you plotting, you were jacked up

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