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aku, bukan, hal, menjadi, sebaliknya, tidak,

Other Mathes:
i am still unable, i still ca not go, i still ca not, i still cannot, it isn t sinking in, it isn t sinking, l am still unable
ai not the end, are not the end, is not final, is not the end of, is not the end, isn t the end, isnt the end, not on the final, not the end of the, not the end of, not the end
isn t me you, it ai not me you, it isn t me you
ai not something you, does not matterwhat, is not a thing, is not the thing, isn t something, isn t the way, not like this has, not the thing, nothing touchy
did not he just, is not he just the, is not he just, isn t he just the, isn t he just
it is not gonna, it isn t going to, it s never gonna
how awesome was that, is not it fantastic, is not that amazing, is not that cool, is not this cool, isn t that great, it is crazy right, it is pretty great huh, it was cool right, kind of amazing huh, magnificent is not she
it is not a thing, it is not something, this is not exactly a, this is not something you, this isn t something, this isn t the way
are you doing this huh, but it wo not help, have been unable, isn t sinking in, isn t sinking, still ca not even, still ca not go
production isn t happy, the production is not happy, the production isn t happy
production isn t, the production is not, the production isn t
is somethin is not, is something is not it, is something is not, s something isn t it
is it isn t easy
is it isn t
ai not getting up, are going to run aground, are gonna hit the shoal, are grounded, gonna hit the shoal, isn t getting up

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noun (n)

Switzerland's information network for security and defense studies and for peace and conflict research and for international relations
switzerland informasi jaringan untuk keselamatan dan pertahanan dan penelitian untuk perdamaian dan konflik penelitian dan hubungan antarabangsa
source: wordnet30

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