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penyakit, sakit,

Other Mathes:
disease does she have, disease does she, her disease, her iilness illness, her illness illness, her illness, her illnesses
what about her iilness illness, what about her illness illness, what about her illness
about her iilness illness, about her illness illness, about her illness
a lethal illness is, a lethal illness, a life threatening illness, sickness
a mental iilness, a mental illness, mental illness for
is an illness to, is an illness
are a shrink, expert on mental illness, expert psychiatric illness
a history of mental illness, happened to me before, history of mental illness, it that way before, like this before
with a lethal illness is, with a lethal illness
it is an illness to, it is an illness
if you define mental illness, lf you define mental illness
we presume illness we are, we presume illness we
because of ill, because of the pain, because you are sick, for hurting, from sickness, of an illness, of illness a, some disease
an institution mental illness, institution mental illness
presume illness we are, presume illness we

English to English

('/I/ln/I/s )
noun (n)

impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism
dari fungsi normal fisiologi mempengaruhi sebahagian atau semua makhluk
source: wordnet30
The condition of being ill, evil, or bad; badness; unfavorableness.
keadaan menjadi buruk, kejahatan, atau buruk; kebusukan; unfavorableness.
source: webster1913

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