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fadihat, kehinaan, kekejian,

Other Mathes:
ignominy, the disgrace of, the disgrace, the humiliation of, the ignominy of, the ignominy, the punishment and disgrace of
allah lay spiritual defilement on, allah layeth ignominy upon, allah lays the scourge on
that day ignominy, the disgrace of that day, the humiliation of that day, the ignominy of that day
from the disgrace of, from the disgrace, from the humiliation of, from the ignominy of, from the ignominy, the disgrace
heaps ignominy upon those, lay spiritual defilement on those, layeth ignominy upon those, lays abomination upon those, lays defilement upon those, place defilement upon those, places wickedness on those, puts the wrath on those
heaps ignominy upon, lay spiritual defilement on, layeth ignominy upon, lays abomination upon, lays defilement upon, lays the scourge on, place defilement upon, places wickedness on, puts the wrath on
and disgrace of, disgrace of, disgrace, humiliation of, ignominy of, ignominy
allah layeth ignominy, allah lays the scourge, allah place defilement, allah puts the wrath, god lays abomination, he will put the wrath, will god punish
a state of ignominy, humbled
have defect, have short comings, suffer ignominy
an ignominious, disgrace in, humiliation in, humiliation, ignominy in
humiliation, ignominy
from their town humble, from thence, of the land with ignominy
god thus lays defilement upon, so god lays abomination upon, thus allah layeth ignominy upon, thus god places wickedness on

English to English

('/I/gn/@/,m/I/n/i/ )
noun (n)

a state of dishonor
keadaan memalukan
Suffered the ignominy of being sent to prison.
disgrace, shame
source: wordnet30
Public disgrace or dishonor; reproach; infamy.
aib masyarakat atau mencemarkan; celaan; kehinaan.
source: webster1913

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