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meninggalkan, pergi, sudah tertinggal,

Other Mathes:
the turning ieft ieft ieft, the turning left left left
any left, anyone ieft to, be nothing left
any more races ieft, any more races left, not any more races ieft, not any more races left
are ieft gather, gather close, gather round please, gather round, ieft gather, seven is plenty, stick together, united we stand
in left, is on my left here, left shit, on a left, on both left, on the ieft of, on the ieft, on the launch, on the left, the on the left, with your left
he ieft me a, he ieft me, he leaves me, he left me a, he left me, rachel let me, she is left me, she leave me, she left me
that you let her, then you let him, you are gonna let him, you are letting her, you are letting that guy, you ieft him for, you ieft him, you iet him, you left him for, you left him, you let her
ieft make a ieft and, left make a left and
ieft make a ieft, left deal to your left, left go left, left make a left, the left to the left
left ieft make a ieft
ieft without saying goodbye is, ieft without saying goodbye, leave without telling anybody
but he ieft me a, but he ieft me, but he left me a, but he left me, but she is left me
ieft it, just leave it for, just leave that, leave it be, leave it on, leave it up, leave it, leave that alone, leave that leave that, leave that one, leave that that is fine, leave that, leave those, leaving them, past that, past those silly labels, speaklng arablc leave that, that is ieft
have that many ieft
on the ieft but

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