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dengan malas, leka,

Other Mathes:
buried myself, buried yourself, cover that up, gone silent, held my tongue, idly stood by, just stays silent, keeping quiet, kept quiet, lock ourselves, of doing nothing
will stand idly by while
will stand idly by
am so nice, going to stay put, gonna shy out of it, gonna stand, sit idly, will stay put
i will stand idly by
i ca not sit idly
i ca not sit by, i ca not stand by, i cannot stand idly by
i cannot stand idly by
you to sit idly by
idly stood by as, stood by when
stand idly by while anyone
stand idly by while

English to English

adverb (r)

in an idle manner
dalam satu cara melahu
This is what I always imagined myself doing in the south of France, sitting idly, drinking coffee, watching the people.
source: wordnet30
In a idle manner; ineffectually; vainly; lazily; carelessly; (Obs.) foolishly.
dalam cara yang menganggur; ineffectually; dengan sia sia; lazily; dengan cuai; (obs. ) bodoh.
source: webster1913

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