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bisa mengenali, di identifikasi, diidentifikasi, dikenal pasti, kenalpasti, mengidentifikasi, mengidentifikasikan, teridentifikasi, terindentifikasi, terserempak, yang dikenal pasti,

Other Mathes:
be identified, been identified, identified, identify it, identify, publicly identified, was first identified, was identified, were identified
be identified as, been identified as as, been identified as, identified as, identifiiedas, was first identified as
be identified by, identified by, was identified by
have actually identified, identified, is recognized, originally identified, positive i d
be identified, bogeys, came back identified, identified, marked, to identify, traced back, will be marked
has i d, has identified, have identified
been identified, has been identified, identified, psychological evaluation, unidentified
is that they identified me, they said they identified me
is that they identified, they said they identified
said they identified me, that they identified me
said they identified, that they identified
has not been identified, not been identified
could be identified, may be identified
at the theater identified him, at the theatre identified him
at the theater identified, at the theatre identified

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

having the identity known or established
memiliki identitas dikenal atau mapan
The identified bodies were released for burial.
source: wordnet30

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