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dan idealis, idealis, memiliki idealisme,

Other Mathes:
a bit of an idealist, an idealist, are an idealist, bit of an idealist, idealist, idealistic, idealists, ldealist, of idealists, the idealists
are the same idealist, were nthe same idealist, you were nthe same idealist
same idealist who worked, the same idealist who worked
same idealist who, the same idealist who
same idealist, the same idealist
are you an idealist, you are an idealist
are the same idealist who, were nthe same idealist who
be an idealist, being an idealist
has the answer, have an answer, have answers, have got an answer, the idealist, there an answer
was a closet idealist
an idealist
you are an idealist
big idealist visions of becoming
big idealist visions of

English to English

(/aI/'d/i//@/l/I/st )
noun (n)

someone guided more by ideals than by practical considerations
seseorang dipandu oleh kefahaman lebih praktikal berbanding pertimbangan
source: wordnet30
One who idealizes; one who forms picturesque fancies; one given to romantic expectations.
satu yang idealizes; bentuk yang indah naksir; yang diberikan kepada romantis harapan.
source: webster1913

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