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garis melintang, grid lukisan mengufuk, horisontal, kaburkan secara mengufuk, lintang, melintang, mendatar, mengufuk, mengufukundo, satu mendatar, ufukan,

Other Mathes:
a horizontal slider, a horizontal, be level, change font, closed hand, diagonal reverse, five across, flatlined, group widgets horizontally, horiz line, horizontal box, horizontal scroll bar, horizontal stretch, horizontal, horizontalbox, horizontally, insert horizontal line, insert horizontal, level off or something, level out, linear sensor, pointing hand, snap distance, soloman one across
fan in horizontal, fan out horizontal, fan out right, fan out top, opposite horizontal, top left horizontal, top right horizontal
diagonal top left opposite in, horizontal left same in, horizontal left same out
color sequential area sensor, color sequential linear sensor, horizontal border, horizontal differencing, horizontal radius
four blades horizontal clockwise, four box horizontal in, four box horizontal out, two blades horizontal clockwise
diamond reverse, fan in horizontal reverse, five point star reverse
a horizontal, flip horizontally, horizontal bar height, horizontal bar, horizontal, horizontally
create a new separator, horizontal scrollbar, show horizontal scrollbar
horizontal draw grid, horizontal pane position, horizontal position
horizontal scrollbar, the horizontal scrollbar
distribute center horizontal, distribute gaps horizontal, insert rectangle, round corners, spiral
default font, default fonts, default header footer font, default horizontal window, default scale, default tasks, default vertical window
horizontal lines, the horizontal
a horizontal line along the, horizontal line along the
a horizontal line along, horizontal line along

English to English

(,h/O/r/I/'z/A/nt/-/l )
adjective (a)

parallel to or in the plane of the horizon or a base line
selari dengan atau dalam bidang cakrawala atau pangkalan baris
A horizontal surface.
source: wordnet30
Pertaining to, or near, the horizon.
berkaitan dengan, atau dekat, cakrawala.
source: webster1913

noun (n)

something that is oriented horizontally
sesuatu yang diorientasikan secara melintang
source: wordnet30

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