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Hasil Carian: hanged

English to Malay


digantung, gantung, menggantung,

Other Mathes:
are about to hang, are gonna be hanged, are suspended
be hanged for, hang for, hanged for, to be hanged for, to hang for
will be hanged correctly, will be hanged properly
you will be hanged correctly, you will be hanged properly
he wiii be hanged, he will hang, is to be hanged
he hanged himself, he hung himself, her hang herself, hung herself, if he should hang himself, is where she hung herself, she hanged herself, she hung herself
he hanged, he hung, her hang, hung, if he should hang, she hanged, she hung
and she hung herself, he hanged himself, she hanged herself
and she hung, he hanged, he hangs
be hanged for his crimes, hanged for his crimes
be hanged correctly this time, be hanged properly this time
be hanged correctly, be hanged properly
hanged in public, hanged in the public
be hanged by, hang it over, hanged in, hangs in, hung from, hung it, it being hung on, strung up at, strung up in, to hang it over
be hanged flogged and hanged

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