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dengan tangan, dgn tangan, menyerahkan, tangan,

Other Mathes:
be handed to, be left to, be submitted to, be surrendered to, hand on to, handed over to, handed to him on, handed to, handmaiden to, is handed over to, is left to, left up to, passed on to, so handed over to, submission to, submitted to, to be handed to, turned over to
came empty handed, come back empty handed, come empty handed, come with empty handed, show up empty handed, showed up empty handed
be handed, be remanded, be surrendered, been handed, been reassigned, being sold, handed out, handed over, handmaiden, left up, submitted to, turned over, was handed
a left handed, a lefty, a righty, a southpaw, backhanders, is left handed, left handed, lefties, lefty pick, lefty uh huh, lefty, right handed, were a lefty
go home empty handed, going home empty handed, left empty handed, you empty handed
been handed down from, been handed down, been handed, had been passed down, had sent down, has been passed down, has been taken down, has sent down it is, has sent down it, has sent down, hath been revealed, hath been sent down, hath been sent, have been handed, have lowered, he has sent down, he hath revealed, he hath sent, he sent down, is sent down, send down they will, was revealed, was sent down
i am turning in, i am turning, i devoted, i gave up, i gave, i got handed, i hand over, i hand, i handed over, i handed, i have yielded
back empty handed, go back empty handed, to come back empty handed
be handed things yeah i, handed things yeah i have, handed things yeah i
go empty handed, leave empty handed, left empty handed
he sent down, that hath been sent down, that have come, that he has sent down, that he sent down, that is been handed down, that is been handed, that was revealed, that which hath, the revelation given, what he sent down
are being released, away will be given away, going to be handed, is going straight, is to be passed
i just handed, i was just handed
you gave away, you gave up, you give up, you hand in, you handed it, you handed, you turn in
just gave you, just give you, just handed you fucking, just handed you, recommend i just gave you

English to English

('h/&/nd/I/d )
adjective (a)

having or involving the use of hands
memiliki atau melibatkan penggunaan tangan
A handed, tree-living animal.
A four-handed card game.
source: wordnet30
With hands joined; hand in hand.
source: webster1913

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