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dipalu, seperti dihantam palu, terbiasa hidup keras,

Other Mathes:
got hammered, hammered
they are getting hammered, they have been getting hammered
are getting hammered, have been getting hammered
getting hammered, hammered
that hammered you in, who hammered you in
that hammered you, who hammered you
that hammered, who hammered
some bastard hammered his balls
some bastard hammered
get fucked up and, gonna get drunk and, will get drunk and, would get hammered and
is gonna be shuffling, might get drunk, went sprung, will get drunk, will sober, would get hammered
getting hammered right now
i agree, i am in agreement, i will deal, me hammered
you look like hammered crap
you hammered them to

English to English

('h/&/m/@/rd )
adjective (a)

shaped or worked with a hammer and often showing hammer marks
berbentuk atau bekerja dengan palu dan sering menunjukkan tanda tukul
A bowl of hammered brass.
source: wordnet30

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