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berhalunisasi, berhalusinasi tu, berhalusinasi,

Other Mathes:
are hallucinating, completely delusional, delusional orjust schizophrenic, fool yourself, had to be delusional, hallcinate, hallucinate, hallucinated, hallucinating, hallucination, have hallucinate, have hallucinating, just hallucinate, might get bad, tears it, tripping your balls off, was delirious, was hallucinating, were hallucinating, were in the hallucination
am hallucinating, are hallucinating, are tripping your balls off, hallucinating, is hallucinating, was hallucinating
am i hallucinating, i am hallucinating, i blacked out, i had to be delusional, i hallucinating, i might get bad, me see things, that i was hallucinating
that tears it, you are deluded, you are hallucinating, you are hearing things, you have hallucinate
i am hallucinating, i was hallucinating
madam i am not hallucinating, man i am not hallucinating
hallucinating or, were hallucinating or
hallucinating but i have, was hallucinating but i have
hallucinating but i, was hallucinating but i
hallucinating but, was delirious but, was hallucinating but
he is completely delusional, he is delusional, he is hallucinating, he was delirious, he was hallucinating
was hallucinating
gonna be sweating hallucinating
am i hallucinating or
that i was hallucinating but

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adjective satellite (s)

experiencing delirium
mengalami igauan
source: wordnet30

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