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menyucikan, orang suci,

Other Mathes:
celebrate the praise of, exalt, give glory, glorify, hallow the praise of, hallow, hymn the praises of
exalt, exalting, exalts allah, gives glory, glorify, hallow the, hallow, hymn the, hymn, is exalting, tell one beads
celebrate the praises of, celebrate with praises, exalt allah with praise of, exalt with the praise of, glorify the, hallow the praise of, hallow thou the, hymn the praise of, magnify the, o muhammad praise, proclaim the praise of
around it celebrate the, around it celebrate, around it say the, around it say, round about it hallow the, round about it hallow, round about it hymn the, round about it hymn
are around it celebrate the, are around it celebrate, are around it say the, are around it say, are round about it hallow, are round about it hymn, around him celebrate the, around him celebrate
glorify allah praises morning, glorify him at early dawn, hallow him at dawn, may glorify him morning, praises morning
glorify allah praises, glorify him at, hallow him at, may glorify him, praises
hallow him, his service, his worship, obedient to him, serving him, worship him, worship to him, worshippers of allah alone, worshipping him
celebrate his praises night, exalt him night, glorify him night, hallow him night, praise night, say his purity night
celebrate constantly the praises of, celebrate the praise of, celebrate the praises of, exalt allah with praise of, hallow the praise of, sing the praises of
celebrate constantly the, celebrate the, exalt allah with, hallow the, proclaim thy, sing the
glorify him in watches of, hallow him in part of
glorify him in watches, hallow him in part
at the borders, celebrate them for, hallow him in

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(h/@/'l/oU/ )
verb (v)

render holy by means of religious rites
direalisasikan melalui upacara agama suci
source: wordnet30
To make holy; to set apart for holy or religious use; to consecrate; to treat or keep as sacred; to reverence.
source: webster1913

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