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acu, ada memegang, akan mempunyai untuk, belum pernah makan, berduaan dengan, bermimipi, bersusah, besar orang seperti yang, besar orang seperti, besar orang, beza, bisa sempat, dah lalui, dan kate, dapt, didapat, dilalui, diraih, hada, hadn

Other Mathes:
all he had was, he had only, he has as, he has just, he is just got, he is just had, he is just in his, he is only got, he is only had, he only had a, he only had three, she had only, she is just had, she is only got, she just got, she just had a, she just had, she only has, well he only had other, well he only had
he assumes many, he got a lot of, he had a full, he had a lot of, he had a lot
even know he had a, even know he had, even know she had, heard he had a, knew he had a, knew he had, knew he was having, knew she had, know he had a, know he had, know he has just, know he has, know he is got, know she did, know she had one, know she had, know she has a, know she has, know she is got the, know she is got, knows he got, to know she had
i ever had a chance, i get the chance, i gonna have the chance, i got a chance, i got the chance, i had a chance to, i had a chance, i had a real shot, i had my time, i had my window, i had opportunities, i had the chance, i had the opportunity, i have a chance now, i have a chance, i have had the opportunity, i have more moments, i have on occasion, i like my chances, i stand a chance, i ve got an opportunity, i will have a chance, that i had the chance
any waking nightmares, dream about bad things happening, dreaming is bad, dreams are bad, even had a nightmare, had a bad dream, had a horrible dream, had a horrible nightmare, had a nightmare the
aii right teii your story, did he have a problem, e has a problem, he got in trouble, he had a problem, he had problems, he had some issues, he had such trouble, he had trouble
had power against, had power to suppress, had strength against, had strength men to overpower, had strength to resist, had the power to deter, had the power to resist, had the strength against, had the strength to set, had the strength to stop, were powerful over
i had power, i had powers you do, i had powers you, i had powers, i had the power, i had the strength, i have the strength, i will have the strength, that i had power, that i had strength men, that i had strength, that i had the strength
i ai not never had, i have never had it, i have never had, i have never really had, i have never received any, i never got the, i never had a, i never had any, i never had, i never owned, i never really had, i ve never had, look i have never had, me never wanted to, me never wanted, never much of, never much
he did have children, he had a child, he had a son
had a bad dream, had a nightmare, had bad dreams, had nightmares, had the worst nightmare, had this awful nightmare, had this nightmare, had this terrible nightmare, had you a nightmare, have a bad dream, have had nightmares, only a bad dream
ai not never had a, ai not never had, have never had a, have never had any, have never had, never had a, never had any, never had, never once had, never owned, never really had
even have the strength left, had power, had powers you do not
do not i ever have, i have never actually had, i have never had
else told you i got, just say i had, said i could have

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(h/&/d )
imperative (imp)

See Have.
source: webster1913

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