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astaga tdk, astaga, g sh, my gosh, polis berbulu alamak, tuhan, wah,

Other Mathes:
blistering barnacles, boy here we, boy this thing, boy this, christ it is, echoing oh my gosh this, gee this is, good heavens this is, good heavens this, gosh this is, gosh this thing
damn that was, for chrissakes that is, god tha s, god that was, goodness that is, gosh it is, gosh it, gosh that is, hell that is, holy shit that is, jeez it is
goodness that is, my gosh it is, oh god here we
god damn i, god i just, god i, god oh god i am, good lord i am, gosh i am, jeez i, jesus christ i, jesus i am, jesus i, my golly
good god what, good gracious what, good grief what, good lord what, goodness did, gosh did, gosh what, holy cow what, holy mackerel are, holy shit are, holy shit betty what
by god she, god here he, god the poor bastard was, gosh he is, gosh he, heavens it, holy crap he
gosh, holy shit, jeez, jesus christ, my god, my gosh, oh my god, oh my gosh
crap i uh i, for god sake joe i, geez i am, good heavens i am, goodness i, gosh i am, holy christ i, jeez i am, jess i, my goodness ime, my goodness me
blimey what, holy mother what, holy nuts what, jeez what, my goodness what, my gosh what is, my gosh what, oh boy is, oh my god does, oh my goodness what, oh my gosh what
gosh i hate breaking, oh gosh i hate breaking
dagnabbit i am, eat what i, heavens i am, my gosh i, my gosh we
gosh i ca not, gosh i can not
oh my gosh u look, oh my gosh you look
god dad, jesus dad, my god man, oh my god dad, oh my god daddy, oh my gosh u, oh my gosh you
del jesus are you, for christ sake did you, good god you, gosh are you, gosh you are, i mean jesus you, jeez louise are you

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