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glif, simbol,

Other Mathes:
a glyph, glyph, the glyph
a glyph it is shown, glyph it is shown
a glyph it, glyph it
and these words do they, by your dad again, has this written on them, it say, no this glyph, the message here, these glyphs are, this glyph, this handwriting
you or a glyph it
you or a glyph
or a glyph it
or a glyph
no this glyph does not
the glyph in
glyph here it is like
glyph here it is
glyph here
glyph it is shown in

English to English

(gl/I/f )
noun (n)

glyptic art in the form of a symbolic figure carved or incised in relief
glyptic seni dalam bentuk simbolik menggambarkan diukir atau incised dalam pelepasan
source: wordnet30
A sunken channel or groove, usually vertical. See Triglyph.
sebuah delong saluran atau alur, biasanya menegak. lihat triglyph u/ u.
source: webster1913
A carved figure or character, incised or in relief; a carved pictograph; hence, a pictograph representing a form originally adopted for sculpture, whether carved or painted.
yang diukir mengira atau aksara, incised atau dalam pelepasan; yang diukir pictograph; maka, sebuah pictograph mewakili sebuah patung untuk mengadopsi bentuk asalnya, samada diukir atau dicat.
source: webster1913

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