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ke lem, terpaku,

Other Mathes:
i glued your ring on, i glued your ring
glued your ring on, glued your ring
are glued, are rooted, are struck, clung, fixated, fixed in enchantment, froze up, glued, got caught up, got fixated, just froze, nailed, rather fixed, riveted, stocked, stuck down, transfixed, was fixated, was petrified
going to be glued to
going to be glued
bedazzles me, i froze up, i froze, i glued, i got caught up, i was petrified
unseasoned glued together
shit gun glued to
are glued tight on thieves
are glued tight on
are glued tight
konqueror xslt plugin, mobile phones filesystem, my tai chi practice, of the current action, peg elimination game, piece glued, process package queue, rar archive, rar info, scribble, tai chi practice
he hear it too, he is glued to it, he watches it
some sticks glued to

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

affixed or as if affixed with glue or paste
affixed atau seakan affixed dengan lem atau tampal
He stayed glued to one spot.
source: wordnet30

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