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gadis, girl,

Other Mathes:
am proper stampin that, could hurt them really bad, glrl the killed it, going to kick em, going to kick his ass
about rob glrl, going to let you down, gonna have to drop you, will drop you, will take you down, would suck you right, would take you down
gonna fucking love this, gonna like the latest ones, gonna like this, gonna love this, il love this, is it glrl, must love it, will adore this, will appreciate this, will dig it, will like these
teenaged glrl i hate television
teenaged glrl i knew becca
glrl are you kidding me
are you messing with, glrl are you kidding
are you fucking with me, are you kiddin me, are you kidding, glrl are you kidding
dad just said it was, dad just said it, daddy say it is, glrl dad says it is, you can say that
dad look, daddy listen, did you listen to the, did you listen to, father look, glrl daddy listen, hey dad listen to, you even hear
all all right okay, all right all right okay, all right okay yeah, all right okay, alright that is it vince, glrl all right okay, how is elizabeth doing
bodie is so gorgeous, glrl bodie is so gorgeous
bodie is so, glrl bodie
glrl make a wish, make a wish
fat jesus, glrl fat jesus, news theme plays

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