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akibat gangguan, gangguan, kesilapan sistem, membuatnya, tidak berfungsi,

Other Mathes:
glitches, that glitch, the cripple
a honk from, there was a glitch up
there any interruption, there is a disturbance, there some kind of interference, there was a breach, there was a disturbance, there was a glitch, there was any tampering, there was interference, we are getting interference, we have got a disturbance
there a glitch in, there a mistake in, there is an error in
there was a glitch
making any mistakes, no evil here, no mistake, of any faults, some sort of mistake, there a glitch, there a mistake, there a slip up, there a wrong, there been a mistake, there been a slight mistake
got to be some mistake, has to be a mistake, it is a glitch, it is been a mistake, no mistake now
it is a glitch
be some sort of mistake, have got a tiny error, is a mistake, some grunts, there a clerical error here, there was a glitch
is an encryption glitch but
is an encryption glitch
an encryption glitch but it
an encryption glitch but
an encryption glitch

English to English

(gl/I/t/S/ )
noun (n)

a fault or defect in a computer program, system, or machine
kesalahan atau cacat dalam program komputer, sistem, atau mesin
source: wordnet30

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