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mengumpulkan, yang mengumpulkan,

Other Mathes:
as it descends, as it gathers, as it overspreads
collected his, he collected, he collects, he consolidates, he gathered, he gathers, he is a heap, he is collecting, he is gathering, he is massing, she collected
doctore gathers the, doctore gathers
dark night when it comes, darken when it cometh, darkness as it descends, darkness as it gathers, darkness as it overspreads, darkness when it gathers, darkness when it is intense
information he gathers once, the information he gathers once
information he gathers, the information he gathers
reports information he gathers, reports the information he gathers
as the sun gathers strength, the sun gathers strength
gather strength, gathers strength, gathers
am collecting, are collecting, are putting together, been gathering, gathers the, gathers, is amassing, is gathering all, was collecting
accumulated, amassed, he was collecting, is the one that gathers, one to muster, one who gathered, that collect
gathers you for, will assemble you for
gathers you, may bring you all together, shall assemble you, shall gather you together, will assemble you, will gather you all together, will gather you together, will gather you, will surely gather you
hunt and gather, hunting and gathering, hunts and gathers, to hunt and gather
gathers and shares their grief

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