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berkumpul, dah kumpulkan, dikumpulkan, mengumpulkan, staf berkumpul, yang dikumpulkan,

Other Mathes:
shall ye be gathered, ye all shall be gathered, ye be gathered back, ye be gathered together, ye shall all be gathered, ye shall be gathered back, ye shall be gathered, ye will be gathered, you are to be raised, you shall all be assembled, you shall all be gathered, you shall all be mustered, you shall be assembled, you shall be gathered back, you shall be gathered, you shall be mustered, you will arise, you will be gathered, you will be mustered, you will be raised, you will be resurrected, you will be rounded up
all gathered at, are gathered in the, are gathered in, are gathering at, are gathering in, assemble at, assemble in, assemble on, been summoned to, come together at, converge in, converge on, converging on, flooded my, gather at, gather in, gather on, gathered at, gathered here in, gathered in, gathered on, gathering at, gathering in, hang out in, have gathered at, have gathered in, have gathered on, rally at, regroup at, retreat down, summoned to, to gather in
all gathered to, are all here tonight to, are gathered here today to, are gathering to, assemble to, collects to, come together to, gather for, gather here to, gather to, gathered around for, gathered for, gathered here to, gathered to have, gathered to, gathered today to, gathering for, gathering to, get together for, got together to, have gathered for, have gathered to, joined together to, met up for
all shall be gathered, are to be raised, be gathered back, be gathered together, going to be assembled, shall all be assembled, shall all be gathered, shall all be mustered, shall be assembled, shall be gathered back, shall be gathered, shall be mustered, to be gathered together, will all be brought together, will be gathered, will be mustered, will be rounded up, will indeed be gathered together
accumulates here, all gathered here, are congregating here
all be assembled, all be brought together, all be gathered, all be mustered, are assembled
are gathered here to, are gathered here today to, are gathered today for, gather here today to, gathered here for, gathered here to, gathered you here to, hang out here for, have gathered here to, have gathered here today to
are converging here, are gathered here to, are gathered here today
be gathered for hell, be gathered in gehenna, be gathered into hell, be gathered toward hell, be gathered towards hell, be gathered unto hell, will be mustered into gehenna
be gathered for, be gathered in, be gathered into, be gathered toward, be gathered towards, be gathered unto, will be mustered into
all gathered here for, are gathered here to, are gathered today for, are gathered today to, gather here to, gather here today to, gathered together to, were all gathered here for
shall be gathered for, shall be gathered in, shall be gathered into, will be gathered toward, will be gathered towards, will be gathered unto, will be herded into
mlnister we are gathered here, we are gathered here to, we are gathered here today, we are gathered here, we have gathered here today, we have gathered here
let regroup, mlnister we are gathered, we are gathered here today
and gathered his people, and gathered the people, and he gathered his people, so he gathered the people, then he collected his men, then he gathered his people, then he gathered men

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adjective (a)

brought together in one place
membawa bersama di satu tempat
The gathered folds of the skirt.
uncollected, ungathered
source: wordnet30

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