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di luar, pun kembung perut ini,

Other Mathes:
am quite gassy, am sleeping outside, are sleeping outside, will sleep outside
i am quite gassy, i am sleeping outside, i will sleep outside
i am bloated, i am gassy okay
break wind, fart in the wind, fart, flatulence, hurry and fart, of gassy, some serious gas, to fart, while wave of fart
and you you are gassy
you you are gassy you
you you are gassy
account of the bloating, bloated, bloating, distended, flatulent, gassy okay, gibbous, my fill, of puffer, turgid
already feeling gassy
are gassy you eat
are gassy you

English to English

('g/&/s/i/ )
adjective (a)

Full of gas; like gas. Hence: [Colloq.] Inflated; full of boastful or insincere talk.
penuh gas; macam gas. maka: colloq. kembung; penuh atau ujub bicara yang tulus.
source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

resembling gas
menyerupai gas
source: wordnet30
suffering from excessive gas in the alimentary canal
menderita berlebihan gas di alimentary kanal
colicky, flatulent
source: wordnet30

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