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kobak, menganga yang, menganga, perengau,

Other Mathes:
pretty gaping holes in, pretty gaping holes on
gaping holes, the gaping hole
any holes in, holes there in, there a gaping hole in, there a hole in, there a hole right through
is got a cavity, it is hollow, manhole, peeky hole, small divots, there a gaping hole, there a hole, there any holes, there holes, there is a hole, there was a hole
are gonna miss, can be ieft, can be left, gonna wanna stay, will be left behind, will be left gaping, will be obsolete, would be left
some pretty gaping holes
huge gaping hole flames still
bob there a gaping hole
cattled, gaping, i have an emergency
gaping tear, have a large
are you gaping at me
towards the gaping hole
gaping, to peel
after his holes, any holles, five slots, hole off, holles, the gaping hole in the, the goddamn hole, the hole
gaping hole in the house, hole through the house

English to English

adjective satellite (s)

with the mouth wide open as in wonder or awe
dengan mulut terbuka luas seperti dalam heran atau kagum
The gaping audience.
source: wordnet30

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