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di mana gandalf, gandalf bahwa, gandalf gandalf, lagi gandalf, menahannya gandalf, ni gandalf, oleh gandalf,

Other Mathes:
him we have arrived gandalf, him we have arrived
him we have arrived gandalf
edoras and, gandalf edoras and
edoras aragorn, gandalf edoras
the greenwood is sick gandalf, the greenwood is sick
mountains again mountains gandalf, mountains again
it is the tree gandalf, it is the tree, that the tree
we have arrived gandalf, we have arrived
we have arrived gandalf
you mean by that, you mean spiders gandalf
back into position, back to your positions, gandalf return to your posts, return to your posts
into my skin, my bark gandalf, my bark
mean by it, mean by that oh god, mean by that, mean spiders gandalf
see mountains again mountains gandalf, see mountains again
a fit about it upstairs, be looking for you, been searching for you, looked for you, looking for you gandalf, looking for you what, looking for you, searching for you, seek you out

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