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cacat, lumpuh, nenek oh, nenek,

Other Mathes:
i wiil gammy, i will gammy
teii gammy i am sorry, tell gammy i am sorry
ah gammy
what if gammy finds out
hey gammy, hey grandma, hey granny
be my grandmother, this is my gammy, this is my grandma
if gammy finds out
night good night gammy, night grandma
a gammy spell, a magic spell that, a spell that, a spell which, spell that, spells all the, that spell, the spell that
gave me a gammy spell, gave me a spell
gave me a gammy spell
gammy, grandmai oh, oh granny
gammy finds out she is
gammy finds out, my grandmother knows, you know grandma
gammy, gran, grandma, grandmother, granny, nana

English to English

('g/&/m/i/ )
adjective satellite (s)

(British informal) sore or lame
(british informal) sakit atau lumpuh
A gammy foot.
source: wordnet30

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