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Hasil Carian: gaining

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itu mengejar, memperoleh, mendapatkan,

Other Mathes:
gaining speed, picking up speed, we are gaining speed, we speed
he is approaching, he is coming to, he is coming up, he is gaining on, he is gaining, him come closer, it came into
we are gaining speed aye, we are gaining speed
is gaining some, is gaining
in the hopes of gaining, the hopes of gaining
gaining control over, of gaining control over
gaining control, of gaining control
gaining an audience with, of gaining an audience with
gaining an audience, of gaining an audience
control get your, gaining an, get a chance
gain the speed, gaining speed aye, gaining speed
gaining on her frank, gaining on him frank
are gaining on him, are not gaining on her, got eyes on him, have eyes on the prize, is watching him, was watching him
was a way of gaining
will end up gaining nothing

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