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Hasil Carian: floors

English to Malay


ditingkat, ketika hutan, lantai, tingkat bangunan, tingkat,

Other Mathes:
a few floors, several floors, several storeys, some of the floors
a from, five floors from, floor of
floors above, floors over, stories up, the floor above, the floors above
and wood floors, floorboards, hardwood floors, the floorboards, wood floor, wood flooring, wood floors
all floors, all the floor, all the floors, all three floors, do every floor, this entire level
a few floors above, some of the floors above
still several floors, there are still several floors
morning and their floors, the morning and their floors
and floor, and floorboards, and flooring, and ten floors, and the floor, and the floorboards, th and th floors
and hostages on floors, and hostages on two floors
from floor, from floors, from stories
on floors, on two floors
is two floors down, two floors down
another two floors, two more floors, two more
is two floors, two floors, two story

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